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  1. weemcp

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    We leave in 2 weeks for Disney! YAY!
    3.5 year old and 5mth old
    If you had the option, which would you choose

    Double stroller (pro's/cons)

    Single stroller

    Sit and stand stroller

    I am not sure what to do. I think the double may be too large/bulky and a pain to collapse on transportation/ have to take baby out for restaurants etc.

    But what if my older son needs a nap?
  2. amw

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    It all depends what you do at home. When you go out for an outing .... zoo, shopping, walking, etc. ... what do you use at home?

    When my DDs hit 2 at home, they had to walk. No more strollers allowed. So, when we went to WDW with each of them when they were your son's age, they had long outgrown strollers and were strong, long-distance walkers. Neither complained, but I also didn't push it and didn't do commando days. We tended to leave the parks by 4 pm.

    I think you'll find there's so much activity around, he may not nap even if he "needed" too. ; ;)

    But like I said ... no judgement either way ... do what your son is used to.
  3. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    at home he doesn't use a stroller. He rarely used it after 12mths, when he started walking. BUT - when he is tired, if he is in a car/buggy/shopping cart - he will fall asleep - doesn't matter what is going on around us.

    I worry with a double that if the baby falls asleep, we won't be able to bring him in the restaurant in the stroller and will have to wake him up (= cranky baby). But if we have only a single, and ODS does need a rest, then I would have to take baby out and put in carrier or hold him (which is not SUCH a big deal) but still kind of a pain
  4. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    We are using a sit n stand as it isnt too big but all that walking is a lot for a 5 yr old too.
    You can always rent one as well.
  5. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    the only issue I have with the sit and stand is that the baby can't be reclined if the preschooler is sitting correct?
  6. amw

    amw Member

    Me thinks you are overthinking/overplanning! ; ;D
  7. When my kids were 3 1/2 and 18 months, we brought two umbrella strollers. My son needed his stroller because he was still taking naps daily. My daughter had grown out of the nap stage (though she took a few naps during our vacation!), but we brought one for her because of the amount of people in the parks and we were worried she would spot Mickey Mouse and take off. :D Plus we knew if we stayed to watch the fireworks or a late show like Fantasmic, the kids would probably pass out at the end of day on the way to the buses.
    The only downside was dragging the two strollers onto a crowded bus (every parent with young kids that trip complained that the buses needed storage underneath ;D), but if use umbrella strollers they should be compact enough to not be too much of a nuisance :)
    Another idea.....Alot of people suggest that if you are staying at a Disney resort to go back to your hotel in the middle of the afternoon for a break/nap.
  8. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    About strollers-do you usually come out of rides the same entrance you entered?
  9. realfam

    realfam Member

    You will almost always come out of an attraction in a different location to where you entered. ; Most attractions will have a stroller parking area with an attendant, so don't freak if your stoller has moved while your inside. ; We love have the stoller with because it lets us hang our crap ; all over it. ;

  10. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    we changed the stroller to the single, and I have my ergo carrier in case ODS needs a nap (I can put baby in carrier and ODS can use the stroller)

    There are 4 adults, so I am not worried about DS taking off - and in crowds, he gets pretty shy and hangs onto a hand anyways.

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