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Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by amw, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Hubbie wants to take a March Break trip, and of course only one place comes to mind for me! ; ::) ; I can appease him by doing one week at Disney and another on a west coast beach.

    We've always flown on aeroplan points before, but for the past year DH has been stationed locally so we don't have much to spare. This will be the first time we have to pay for air. SO, we're looking at flying out of Buffalo and coming back through Tampa. Southwest has direct flights for both.

    Please, let me know all I need to know about flying Southwest in and out of Buffalo.

    We have enough hotel points to stay before and after at the Fairfield Inn & Suites so we won't need to pay for parking.

    I've only ever flown with Air Canada so I'm a wee bit nervous. ; :p
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    Ahhh my favourite place to fly from. ; You can try Southwest, Airtran and Jetblue. ; The secret to getting great prices is to check there websites on a daily basis (as for prices chage constantly. ; I have found tuesday's and sunday nights a good time to check. ; Sounds crazy, but thats our experience).
    Also note that Airtran charges $15 per bag plus $6 for seat selection, ; Jetblue includes seat and bag, ; Southwest includes bag no seat (they have a very strange boarding procedure, you do not select your seat, you board in zones like a bus).
    I have found direct flights on average $64 to $120 each way. ; Shop them and you will do well! ; Good luck
  3. amw

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    I did go ahead and book Southwest ... Disney here we come whether DH likes it or not! ; ;D ...

    Can you let me know everything there is to know about pre-boarding, seat selections, etc. I really have no idea, and my nightmare is to not be able to sit with my daughters.
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  5. realfam

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    Boarding with Southwest is a little bizarre, but works well! ; The flight staff are very friendly with SW. ; Complete opposite of Air Canada.
    You will become a fan quickly!
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    I don't mind Southwest's boarding in 'zones' but my 'children' are old enough to sit on their own. ; I've found if we all want to ensure we can get seats together then use their online check in for your flight, which you can do 24 hours in advance of your flight. ; That guarantees that you will be in one of the first groups to board, which was alphabetical last time I used Southwest. ; You chose your seats when you board the plane, so first one has first choice. ; From my experience even being 30 minutes later can move you from A-C, but it will also depend on how full your flight is? ; Fewer people means more selection. ;
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    Once you've flown out of Buffalo, Toronto will seem like such a hassle!

    Also, if you're flight is an early morning one, good idea to spend the night in Buffalo and leave your car at the hotel.

    Sleep Inn is a good one, cheap, clean and friendly staff!
  8. Northernmouse

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    We fly out of Buffalo exclusively now. We've flown Jet Blue and Southwest. With Jet Blue you can have your seats pre assigned so no worries about your family not sitting together. If you fly Southwest definately log on exactly 24 hour in advance to get your place in line with A and B you should have no problems getting seats together for a family C might be more tricky especially with a full flight. Southwest has curbside checking leave your bags there then you don't hae to carry them around. If you've printed your boarding pass at home just go to security which moves very fast. If you haven't printed one go to the Kiosk and print one just have your flight and confirmation number handy. Once your past security there isn't much to do so bring a book or listen too a podcast ;) . PS I've stopped using the park and fly for one reason if the parking is at the hotel you need to wait for them to pick you up when you return which has taken 20-60 min in the past. I park in the Long Term B lot it's about $40 for a week and there are constant shuttles back and forth from the airport. Hope this helps give me or Alex a call if you want more information.
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    I have flown out of Buffalo several times. ; I like it, but would like it even more if I lived closer. ; A 3 hour drive home after flying for 3 hours is not fun.

    Here is my tip for parking at the Buffalo Airport:

    If you're in the long term lot, keep driving, almost back to where you entered the lot. ; Take the underpass and then keep driving. ; You will find yourself almost back to the main entrance to the airport. ; Very few people seem to know about this parking area, so spots are easy to find. ; The biggest benefit is that you won't need to take the parking lot shuttle as it's a very quick walk past the tour bus area, right to the front door of the airport!

    I'm flying Westjet in December, out of Toronto. ; An hour and 15 minute drive versus a 3 hour drive is the determining factor for me. ; And I couldn't find a super great deal like I got last year on Southwest.

  10. Yesterday, Sunwing had a flight to MCO for $19 + $126 taxes out of Toronto on Nov.1st - you can get good deals from Buffalo, but you can sometimes get them from home too!
  11. amw

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    Not during March Break ; ;)
  12. Northernmouse

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    Yea never any deals when I seem to want to go either.
  13. MovieMouse

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    I took 4 of our kids and two signifigant others to The World this year - and it was only possible becuase of the cost with SouthWest. Eight of us cost less than four with SunWing last year!

    I chanced it and did not buy the exta $10 fee for early check-in, but instead was on the computer exactly 24 hours prior to departure and go all A seating positions! ; We all sat together, no problem.

    I have never had so much fun on a flight - the attendants in both directions were hilarious. I LOVE Buffalo airport - it is so tiny and takes minutes to go from end to end. ; We stayed overnight at Sleep Inn across the road and left the cars with them. Very basic little hotel, but clean and friendly. Nice breakfast bar with do it yourself waffles!!

    I hate not supporting Canadian companies, but YYZ is charging insane airport fees and even with SunWing cheap seats, it is worth the trip to Buffalo.

    Now the actual stay in "sunny" Florida... Let's just say that it was stupid leaving our winter gear in the car back in Buffalo!!
  14. To buy flights, I always use this website.
    Really cheap flights, and it saves me money that can go towards my Disney Spending.
    I love flying out of Buffalo. ; It makes for a neat road trip and I find it's always cheaper than flying out of Toronto. ; I love Toronto, but the whole slightly internnational bit kinda ups the prices a bit too much for my own liking.
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    I have used before with great results and best pricing.

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