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    This is a recent aerial of Fantasyland at MK. The three images can be viewed as a single 3D image. It's easy for some people, harder for others, impossible for some.

    Here's how to view: sit back and stare at the images and slowly cross your eyes (try not to blink). The three images will split into four, when that happens try concentrating on one of the two inboard images (one in from the end) and relax. Eventually it'll come into focus. One of the inboard images will be a nice 3D image, the other will be a kind of "inverted" 3D where higher objects will appear to bury themselves into the ground - depending on which of your eyes is dominant you'll have to look at either the right of left inboard image.

    Keep trying though, it'll work.

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    Here's the whole of MK on the same day, in mid October.

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    enjoy :)
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    Very cool effect and great photo...

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