Epcot, au manual!

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    Some shots from my summer trip around Epcot, taken in throwback style - all manual. ; I was enjoying the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F1.4 Leica mount lens on the NEX-5N, shooting rangefinder-style with manual focus and a good old-fashioned aperture ring on the lens...there's something very relaxing and fun about shooting the 'old' way sometimes!

    Mission Space:

    Sun was a little harsh here, but I wanted to shoot Norway's village looking the other way:

    Mary Poppins:

    Off Kilter:

    Paris riverside painting:

    After dinner, I opened up the aperture to F1.4 and snapped some handheld scenery...

    Morocco keyhole arch:

    Morocco doors:

    Japan fort from the 2nd deck:

    View to the lake while waiting for the fireworks:
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    That's a very nice lens Justin.

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