Eclipses 2023 and 2024 - a twice-in-a-lifetime event

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    There are two solar eclipses visible in the continental US in the next twelve months. Some of us may be in good locations to see one or the other.

    My favorite reference for both of them is the Eclipse Simulator page at It's an excellent map showing the path of the eclipse that can be zoomed waaaay in.

    On October 14, 2023, there will be an annular solar eclipse, which means the moon doesn't completely cover the sun. The path of the eclipse runs from Oregon to southern Texas. Interestingly, in 2016 my sister's house on the Oregon coast was 8 miles from the center of the path of totality. For the 2023 eclipse, the northern edge of the path ot totality is less than a mile south of her house.

    Monday, April 8, 2024 is the next total solar eclipse. The path starts in Mexico and crosses Dallas/Fort Worth, much of Arkansas, southern Illinois, much of Indiana, northern Ohio, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse New York, Montreal, northern parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and parts of the Canadian Maritime provinces.

    If you are in the path and it's still April, go outside and find places where you have an unobstructed view of the sun between 2 and 4 pm.

    You can find the times for a city near you on the Eclipse City Information page. At my house, less than 5 miles from the center of totality, the moon first contacts the sun at 1:51 pm, totality begins at 3:06:20 pm and lasts for 4 minutes.

    If you plan to photograph the eclipse, you need a good filter and a long lens. If you want to look with your eyes, be sure to get some proper eclipse glasses. Buy now before they're all sold out next April. And if you're lucky enough to be in the path of totality, don't forget to look around and listen during the total eclipse. Things are very different when you're in the moon's shadow.
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    Reminder: Saturday, October 14 is the day of an annular solar eclipse. For most of us, it will be a partial eclipse with between 25% and 75% of the sun covered during the early afternoon. Orlando is in the 75% zone, so a few of us will get a pretty good view. I plan to pack a solar filter and some eclipse glasses to be prepared.

    To see a simulation of how much of the sun will be covered from where you are, go to the Eclipse 2023 state/city page
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