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Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by Northernmouse, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    When we go to Disney world in March we will be arriving midday and were trying to decide what to do for the afternoon. I have never been to Disney Quest and was wondering what it is like? Is it worth the $35 to get in? Can we spend a few hours there and still get our monies worth? Is there something else you think would be a better way to spend our time we really don't want to use a ticket for a half day at the parks.
  2. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    Depending on what ticket option you purchased, disney quest is included. ; Hubby and I spent a few hours there while we waited for our movie to start and really enjoyed it. ; Not sure that Iwould have spent 35.00 for each of us, probably not worth it.....but the hopper with water park and more gives you entrance..........
  3. Treelo

    Treelo Member

    Tough to say... if it's a slow day (with short lines) and you've got arcade-addicts, then it might be worth the money... last time we went we found it pretty lame. ; The games we wanted to play were either out-of-order or were being hogged... the 'group games' were empty (huge areas with absolutely no-one but the attendant)... the 'rides' for the most part weren't worth it.

    The exception? ; CyberSpace Mountain... you design your own rollercoaster using their design tool... then you get to 'ride' it in a simulator and they rate it. ; That was a lot of fun... I think we went on it 3 times.

    The Cheesecake Company dessert bar is decent, but pricey, and the tables are at a premium because it's also an internet cafe.

    We didn't even go near a lot of the 'creative' options, though, except for CyberSpace Mountain.

    If it wasn't included on the tickets we buy, I doubt I'd spend the money, personally. ; (which could be part of why they're closing it down)
  4. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Thanks for the reply's that was the impression I was getting too. Since we are only getting the basic MYW tickets maybe we'll just shop and resort hop.
  5. Treelo

    Treelo Member

    An afternoon poking around Downtown Disney could be quite fun... heck, I hate shopping and I LOVE time wandering around DTD ;) ; Or maybe see if there's a performance of La Nouba that times out well for you... start your trip off on a fairly 'magical' note ;) ; (unlike DQ, I think a Cirque performance IS worth the money ;) but I'm a Cirque-freak, so slightly biased *laugh*)
  6. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    You could also catch a movie at the AMC at Downtown Disney.....
  7. CameraGirl

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    The last time we were there we arrived midday and ended up spending our time at Downtown Disney for sure. ; There is plenty to do without using a day on your park ticket. ; We always have to go to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop for a sundae. ; I like being outside in the nice hot weather and not cooped up inside so I don't get excited to do DisneyQuest. ; We did on one trip go to Disney Quest, but like everyone else said, I really didn't think it was all that special. Although it will be closed down permanently in 2008 so this may be your last chance to go. ;
  8. Sean&Karen

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    Disney quest will be taken down in 2008, disney has decided that it's not doing that well! I have been to DQ and to tell you the truth i want to jump into a time machine go back it in and stop myself from spending the money to Disney Quest.

    Don't go, most of the games are broken. I was a waist of time! I would of rather been going to a park or something else!

    The only time you should go to DQ is if it's raining in Disney and there is nothing else to do.

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