Disney Magic heads to WDW for a December Christmas trip!

Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by realfam, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. realfam

    realfam Member

    I thought since there is a bunch of us going at the same time I would start a thread we could all use for sharing our adventures on! ; An entire Disney Magic trip report for everyone. ;
    Were just finshing our packing and were heading out first thing tomorrow. ;

    Safe travels everyone!!!!
  2. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Have a safe trip. We're going to Buffalo on Saturday and Flying out on Sunday. Sunday will be a resort decoration tour day and the Christmas Party in the evening.
  3. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    We have arrived ... My moms was here when we got down, First time she has seen Kailey in 5 months so she was excited.

    I asked the front desk what time the Turf club was open to last night which they said 11pm but when i got there that was only the bar so i didn't get a chance to eat @ the Turf Cub (I really like the food there)

    Kailey had problems sleeping so we let her sleep in, we were going to meet RADP today at AK but my daughter put a stop to that... lol Sorry Kevin ....

    Heading 50's prime time @ 11 for lunch .. my mom should get a kick out of it ... then Epoct to Meet up With TMIP crew for there meet.

    We are staying @ SSR you all know my name ... so you know how to find me :) I like voicemail lol
  4. scratch

    scratch Member

    Have a PBJ shake for me please!!!!
  5. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    Just got back .. its raining like cats and dogs down here .. first time in 8 years for me... we ended up going back to the hotel i hope it clears up tonight but if it doesn't I am sure things will look good tomorrow.

    I think i might go for a swim right now ... :)

    Oh and Karen had a PBJ Milkshake ....
  6. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    Glad the see the troops are settling in at WDW. We got it covered better that a Tiger Wood's early evening drive 200 ft from his house.
  7. scratch

    scratch Member


    Shuffling off to Buffalo to pick up some Eddy's Ice Cream! ; Figured it wouldn't melt by the time we get home!LOL ; PBJ shakes for tomorrow!

    Don't let the rain stop you! ; That's the best time to go into the parks, not crowded!
  8. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    We are at the gate getting ready to board. Did some shopping at the Galleria yesterday got some great deals. ; Best part of the about buffalo 15 hotel to gate this morning.
  9. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    We have been here since Thursday :)
  10. realfam

    realfam Member

    Yes we are here and have been MIA from the boards. ; Not by choice but due to the fact that Jetblue lost our luggage which contained my laptop power cord...... ; WE been really busy and will report more once I get a chance to sit
  11. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    Bummer they lost your luggage and lap top. Hope all ends well and you can wear your favourite thong to the pool.

  12. deblen4

    deblen4 Member

    U.S. airways lost ours one year on the way home from Disney. ; It was delivered to our house 3 days later, but not near as inconvenient as losing your stuff on the way to your destination. We have our first flight with JetBlue mid-january and I'm hoping that's not the norm for them ; :eek:
    They had the best price and that's usually my deciding factor.
  13. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Were at Mco getting ready to go home. Full trip report on the next show lots of highs and a few lows.
  14. Sounds like everyone had a good time. Next year, I'm there. I'm not missing another Dec trip again.

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