Disney Classics - Do You Keep up with the Editions?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bloomsie, May 4, 2014.

  1. Bloomsie

    Bloomsie Member

    Disney: one of the greatest monopolistic companies in the world is never done advertising and showing off their publicity. They are one of the only companies that keeps the old looking new. I have seen more people buy their movies than Warner Bros. or 21st Century. Why? Because Disney keeps everyone a child at heart.

    Nearly every 10 years after a Classical Disney movie has been released will Disney take it 'out of the vault' and redefine the graphics for today's television screens and technology. They often call it the 'Diamond Edition' if it's first been redefined. After a couple months, they then express that the movie will go back 'into the vault' forever. Obviously, it's until another few years when technology updates itself will they bring it back out. But it's overall a great advertising strategy that they pursue on Disney fanatics.

    I'm curious as to how many people buy the Diamond Edition movies that have been coming out recently? I understand that no one has a VHS anymore, and it's a perfect opportunity to buy a DVD of any specific movie so that you can watch it with today's technology. What's your take on Disney's advertising scheme in terms of redefining the movies for modern technology? Do you think the movies should be considered a Classic in VHS form, or are they doing the right thing in updating them for modern use?
  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Too much sometimes. There was a lot of hubbub about one of the videos that they "re-defined" for blu-ray that ended up looking worse than the originals. I can understand bringing movies up to current format but it does seem like a money grab sometimes.
  3. Anna Ramsey

    Anna Ramsey Member

    I switched from VHS to DVD. That is as far as my keeping up went. With some of the prices, and two kids and a husband who all love different Disney movies, keeping up with the editions can be bad on the pocket book. I did, however, buy my mom the newest edition of Jungle Book. That is her favorite Disney movie and she watches it all the time.
  4. StaLock

    StaLock Member

    I agree with Anna. I switched to DVD and that was about it. I don't even really get the blu rays either due to price. My kids and I love the movies and that is basically why we get them. I don't really keep up with the editions for one, price, but also for the simple fact that I don't really watch the special features or anything else like that. If they change a couple of things in the movie so be it but that is really all I follow.
  5. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie Member

    I think that the vault is a great advertising strategy. If I see that a movie is coming out of the vault for a diamond edition I go out and buy it. It makes people want to purchase the movies tat are released. I think with updating them for modern use they are also attracting younger audiences to be interested. Personally I would not buy a VHS.
  6. Jeremy Gilkes

    Jeremy Gilkes Member

    The Disney vault is a great thing. I love how they release the old classics. I got the Lion king and Aladdin on diamond edition. I was ecstatic when I got them as gifts.
  7. JGPangi

    JGPangi Member

    I knew about the Diamond Editions but I didn't understand the marketing strategy behind them. Thanks for enlightening me :)

    There are digital versions out there, and I have to admit the colors don't look like they've faded one bit. I usually just collect my favorites so I'm looking forward to the next new format.
  8. terryp

    terryp Member

    If it's a really really good one, I will pick it up when they release a remastered version. I did it with Lion King, Toy Story, and a few others. I think it's worth the extra cash when you can re watch your favorites in HD form.

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