Discovery Island

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  1. Jeff Fillmore

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  2. Tim

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    not something i would do for fear of sickness or gators, definitely not something i would post publicly (how do you plead not guilty to that one?), but cool nonetheless. ; he's a better man than me for doing that.
  3. Jeff Fillmore

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    No kidding- I guess you could say you got 'lost' and ended up in River Country but the island may be a tuff sell. ; ::)
  4. goofy101

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    thanks for sharing
  5. Oh I am all over that. ; I would do it in a second. ; Definitely would have to plan it though. ; I would want to make sure I had the right gear. ; Thanks for the link.
  6. Fishphotos

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    That is kinda creepy! ; I hate the thought of an abandoned Disney attraction...
  7. Jeff Fillmore

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    They rent boats at Fort Wilderness don't they? ; I wonder if they warn you not to go to the island...
  8. zackiedawg

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    Yes they do! ; And during the day, they patrol it pretty well...I've seen those little sprites get close to the Discovery dock and the Boston Whaler screamed up in no time with a warning to get away.

    Actually looks very cool - and a neat read. ; I wouldn't do it myself - not for fear of gators or bacteria (I live down here - deal with both all the time!), but mostly because I'm a chicken-doodoo when it comes to breaking the law in any way more blatant than speeding. ; Besides - I could even handle points on a license, being taken to the station, possibly even jail time...but being banned from Disney, I could NOT handle!! ; ;)
  9. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    you want creepy? ; stroll memory lane at pop century to the end and check out the unfinished buildings... yipes!
  10. gary

    gary Member

    that's just some new announced resort theming, it'll be called apopalyptic, supposed to represent the end of the world, either one as we know it, actually it's what the new guest services and mousekeeping will be like after the latest round of corporate downsizing
  11. Dan

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    Am I the only one that thought of Jurassic Park:The Lost World when viewing those pictures?

    It's the feel of the abandoned facilities.. the scene with the cages and that open area with the apparently still functioning fluorescent lights in particular.
  12. Paul

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    Interesting reading about these abandoned attractions: ; Never had the opportunity to make it to either Discovery Island or River Country

    Quick search turned up these photos at River Country: ;

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