Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by Roger, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

  2. Zeagle

    Zeagle Member

    Ok, my ignorance is coming out ; ???... what and where???
  3. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Maelstrom. ; Norway. ; World Showcase. ;
  4. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    I love those guys! ; Nice ones!
  5. Paul

    Paul Member

    wow, nice shot Roger
  6. WDWFigment

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  7. PolynesianMedic

    PolynesianMedic Global Moderator Staff Member

    Great shots of a difficult spot in the ride. ; Nicely done!
  8. Chris B

    Chris B Member

    Great photos. ; Love the colors you captured.
  9. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    Nice work Roger!

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