DHS - Mulch Sweat n' Shears

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    One thing about the band: None of them were shy.

    In Your Face
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    One year ago (October 10, 2015), Mulch and the boys finally got their record contract and headed west, never to be heard from again.

    OK, not really, but that was their last day. I wasn't there, but I shot this one just over a week before that day. It's not a great angle, but you can see a couple of the performers and one audience member doing the big jump at the end of the show.

    Big Finish
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    It was two years ago today that Mulch Sweat n' Shears played their last show in DHS. This photo was taken five months prior to that, but don't let that prevent you from observing a moment of ROCK AND ROLL in their memory.

    Blast from the Past

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