Delicate Arch Re-Processed

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    I have had some downtown this past couple of weeks and I got to finally delve into what Lightroom Classic 2018 can do for me. Learning new tools and how to use them. With Sports photography, I have to get the photos out so fast and do not have a lot of time to work on each photo's issues.

    With a nice vacation coming up to the Northwest in a few days, I got out a couple of old images from my trip back in 2013 and re-processed a couple with my new found knowledge.

    Tried out the Radial Filter on the darkened canyon behind Delicate Arch to pull out the detail without affecting the rest of the image. Handy filter for oblong and circular objects.


    This photo was taken after sunset and was very flat and lifeless. I used a Preset purchased to start my work here. The preset bumped up the exposure and used a couple of ND gradient filters to control the lighting at the top and bottom of the image. I liked how it brought out the mists in the background mountains while popping out the arch.


    More to learn and I will have a long flight to practice on more images. Then, even more images to come over the next couple of weeks.
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    i don't know who you purchased from but i have recently gotten a huge sergio ramelli package of lightroom presets and profiles, so many i am still downloading and installing them, but their are some popping landscape presets in the package, and it's nice they come in labeled folders so you can keep control in the development module of how much you need open at one time, i highly recommend the deal, it was 78$ for the package
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    Yep, that's the guy. I got a bunch more to install as well. Tonight's project. I got the $27 deal for the presets and then he sent a bunch more after the purchase. I like his videos, too, even with his heavy French accent. :)

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