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Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by jbwolffiv, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. jbwolffiv

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    So I saw Scott's blog a ways back and decided to buy a crystal ball and play around with it last summer. ; It was a lot of fun, especially when I would ask a stranger to hold it up for a shot. ; I had the help of my wife and daughter for these four shots. ; The one of Cinderella Castle you can see that the ball when held up to the sun can act much like a magnifying glass and my daughter's thumb was getting fried!

    Animal Kingdom
    A Crystal Icon: Animal Kingdom by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    Hollywood Studios
    A Crystal Icon: Studios by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    Magic Kingdom
    A Crystal Icon: Magic Kingdom by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    A Crystal Icon:Epcot by jbwolffiv, on Flickr
  2. Pops

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    Very cool effect. I've got to get one one these. ; - Garry Rollins
  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Cool idea. ; It's unique.
  4. RedOctober25

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    The only weird thing is looking at the icons upside down...

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  5. Great idea. I love it.
  6. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    Thanks guys. ; Yep, I played around with turning them, but then the hand appeared to be more weird. ; I may try it again and be closer to the icons so that they will appear a little larger, except maybe Spaceship Earth.
  7. ELinder

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    These are great! I wonder if you could look thru 2 balls to turn the image upright?

  8. RedOctober25

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    Or have the holder hold the sphere upside down and rotate photo 180 degrees. ; Although you would run the risk of dropping the sphere...

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  9. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    Thanks Erich! ; Do you think that Disney would frown upon the idea of shooting through "two balls?"
  10. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    I realized that I could just have the holder rotate their hand some and then it would not look too weird if I flipped it.
  11. AudriBeats

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    Wouw great effect ; :eek:
  12. jbwolffiv

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    Here is another from last summer

    Through a Crystal Ball by jbwolffiv, on Flickr
  13. jbwolffiv

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  14. PolynesianMedic

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    These are great, and something I definitely would like to try someday.
  15. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    Thanks Jeff!

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