Cold clear night Epcot shots (Feb 2013)

Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by zackiedawg, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. zackiedawg

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    Continuing the series of photos from the 'cold clear day at Epcot', I also had a nice night of shooting around World Showcase in that same lovely clear weather. ; I did some handheld initially, but actually went back to the room at Boardwalk to grab the tripod and head back out for some long in-camera HDR exposures after shooting illuminations from the Odyssey bridge. ; So here are some of those night shots around Epcot:

    Earlier in the evening, BEFORE heading back for my tripod, I snapped this multi-frame NR shot (in-camera 6-frame stacking) just after sunset:

    After getting back to the room for the tripod, I headed over to San Angel Inn for dinner - and my table was right on the rail over the river, which gave me a nice angle to shoot the pyramid inside:

    After Illuminations from the bridge, I stuck around the World Showcase as it emptied to do some long in-camera HDR exposures. ; First, I shot across the lagoon to some of the countries on the other side - behind Germany you could actually see a star or two..and a noctilucent cloud hanging out behind the trees:

    A plane snuck into this China shot and I haven't bothered to clone it out yet...I didn't even see it when shooting!:

    Norway from the center fireworks viewing area:

    Also from that viewing area, turning around I noticed the cool view of the SSE - with the lamps all nicely symmetrical if you lined up just right:

    I really liked this angle of Canada - I don't know why I never quite shot it from this spot at night before:

    Italy, from between Canada and UK:

    Rose & Crown...even with the park emptying, there were still quite a few people moving through my shot, so there's a little people-ghosting - and a rare thing for Florida night skies - actual stars!:

    Looking into the UK street:

    The fish shop:

    France from the bridge...a few stars, and another of those darned sneaky planes! ; I'll get around to cloning it out eventually, but for now everything's straight-from-the-camera:
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  2. howeirdd

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    Great pictures, Justin! I gotta show these to my wife because she loves pictures that make you feel like you're right there and you've certainly captured that. ; ;D
  3. Craig

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    those are all great!
  4. RedOctober25

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    I can't wait to use the "handheld nightshot" mode next week. ; Those shots are phenomenal.

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  5. zackiedawg

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    Many thanks guys.

    Jeff, that multishot technology is great - the first two shots were using that technology at high ISOs and you can barely tell the's certainly nice to still be able to get decent night landscape shots even when you don't bring the tripod!
  6. RedOctober25

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    I am only planning on bringing the Gorillapod next week, so really looking forward to the multishot.

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  7. Chris B

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    Great shots Justin. ; I especially like the depth of nightime color in the France photo and the clarity of the indoor Mexico photo.
  8. jbwolffiv

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    That little camera is REALLY making me think about saving for one. ; These shots are fantastic! ;
  9. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Thanks Chris and John.

    Just for disclosure John, these were actually taken with my A580 DSLR...but it's the same sensor, and the multiframe technology and HDR in camera is pretty much the same stuff as in the NEX. ; I had the DSLR with me that night as I was doing some firework shooting, and when using tripod I've got a wired remote for it so it's a little more suitable (though I have now picked up a wireless remote I can use with the NEX, so I can start using it too in these situations).

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