Can someone critique my itineary please?

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by Ariel2, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    Our first trip and need some help. Is this the right amount with little kids in tow?

    Day 1 : Travel and then Epcot (Askershsus for dinner TS)
    Day 2 AK (Yak and Yeti lunch CS, Boma dinner TS)
    Day 3: HS (Sci Fi Dinner/1900 Prime time TS)
    Day 4: MK (Ohana dinner TS)
    Day 5: MK (Crystal Palace Dinner OR Lunch???)
    Day 6: Epcot (Le Ceillier lunch TS, Coral Reef dinner TS)
    Day 7: MK (Chef mickey Dinner OR lunch???), T-rex dinner??

    I also have one TS dinner too many as I used up 2 on day 6.
    Should I pay for one of them or cancel one out and just go to QS).
    I even wanted to do 1900 Park Fare. Am I fitting too much in one time?

    I am not sure where to fit a day off if we even have time to.
  2. scratch

    scratch Member

    Depends.............what are the ages of the children.

    I always recommend that people gear toward the children and how they are doing that day. ; You don't want cranky children!
  3. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    Crystal palace has an awesome buffet breakfast if your interested - delicious!
  4. Kesali

    Kesali Member

    When do you go? ; I would bump Crystal Palace up for breakfast. ; It was amazing!!!
  5. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    End of the month =)

    What would you eat for the rest of the day as QS? Isnt dinner better?
  6. PolynesianMedic

    PolynesianMedic Global Moderator Staff Member

    Is Chef Mickey's doing lunch? ; They are normally only a breakfast/dinner place. ; They have done lunch in the past, but only during really busy times of the year.

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