Best Hand-Drawn Disney Movies

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by terryp, May 6, 2014.

  1. terryp

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    This topic is for the appreciation of old school hand drawn movies - the real "cartoons." I'll start by giving my top three:

    1 Lion King

    2 Pocahontas

    3 Princess And The Frog

    I'll always have a soft spot for good old hand drawn films. It's what inspired me as a kid to pick up a pencil and start drawing. I spent countless hours trying to draw Disney characters until I finally got good at it. It made me really respect not only the entertainment value, but the behind the scenes work as well.
  2. ayesell

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    Song of the south

    And my vote for Disney shorts is Trailer Horn.
  3. Bloomsie

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    My father had a great friend named Robert who often drew for Disney back in the day. He drew The Little Mermaid, Hercules, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. About after 1997, they had edged towards the digital age and let go of many drawing artists. He was one of them. But before he passed away a few years ago from alcoholic poisoning, he would tell my brother and I his wonderful time working for Disney and what characters he enjoyed to draw. He loved drawing Hercules and Ursula. It's so sad to see people lose their job because of technology; especially when they weren't ready to let go.

    My favorites are the following:

    1. Beauty and the Beast
    2. Hercules
    3. The Lion King
  4. Jeremy Gilkes

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    I only saw princess and the frog once but man was it drawn well. Hercules was another really well drawn movie. Also with Hercules you had James Woods Voicing Hades. With the lion king you got Darth Vader(James Earl Jones) voicing Mufasa.
  5. JGPangi

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    I love this topic! The quality of the classics is so hard to replicate nowadays. Here are my top picks:
    Sleeping Beauty - Handpainted cells, how can you say more than that? And I love the style as well, very angular and medieval
    Beauty and The Beast - That stained glass piece at the very beginning? Absolutely beautiful
    Fantasia 2000 - Many new techniques were employed and perfected here. My favorite short was The Firebird
    Lilo and Stitch - I loved this one because it was so different and colorful, and based on a different yet still familiar culture. Also, I love that the backgrounds were watercolored
    Mulan - Incorporating Chinese calligraphy and drawing styles into this movie made it such an authentic looking piece
  6. jbwolffiv

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    Not worrying about the quality of the animation, my favorites are


    Not your typical ones, but the ones I watched a ton with my daughter.
  7. QueenElsa

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    I'm going to change it up and say Hunchback of Notre Dame...All of the work that went into making the cathedral look accurate is amazing, plus all the gorgeous drawn architecture and stained glass.. Beauty and the Beast is also on the list, for the same reason- stained glass and architecture :p
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  8. CrystalMarie

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    I enjoyed Lion King as my favorite hand drawn movie from Disney. The setting of a jungle allowed the artist to really use different color techniques. I also enjoyed Mulan.

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