Battening down the hatches for Irma

Discussion in 'Misc. Posting Board' started by zackiedawg, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. zackiedawg

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    For those of us in Florida, looks like Irma could be beating a path right to our front door...we have been lucky since Wilma in 2005 - that was a destructive hurricane at Category 3, but was fortunately not as large a storm, moved through quite quickly as it was fast moving, and came with a cold front right behind it making living without power for 8 days much more tolerable. Irma is MUCH bigger, may come in between a Category 4 or 5, is slower moving, and comes right in the middle of our miserable hot humid summer weather, so no relief on the back end if the power goes out.

    The Orlando area could get scraped too - depending on if Irma stays along the coast or just out to sea and just gives us her outer bands, or plops herself onto land around Miami and heads dead north up the middle of the state. If she does that, it could put her through Orlando at a strong Cat 2-3, meaning damage could be at or above Charlie levels. Anyone who went to Disney World after Charlie will remember all the roof tiles missing, trees fallen all through the forested areas, leaves missing from trees, etc.

    Down here in SE Florida, we're at ground zero right now for all the landfall targets...we're hoping Irma decides to turn and head north while she's still out over the Gulf Stream - similar to what Matthew did last year. If not - could get messy around here. I may disappear from the boards for a bit if we lose power, plus if we have to clean up and dig just putting out my best wishes to any and all who might be within the possible path of this beast over the next week or so!

    I have a Disney trip planned for Sep 15th, and depending on damage down here, I might need the break!
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    Stay safe and hopefully I'll still see you on the 17th...

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  3. zackiedawg

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    Thanks...I'll most likely stay on schedule. If we take any damage or lose power, it will be miserable down here for a few months (from past experience), so a getaway will be a nice option.
  4. jbwolffiv

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    Stay safe Justin! I remember Charlie, sat thru that one while on property back in 04. I have video of storm and all the trees down the next few days, but this looks way worse.

    Jeff, I will see you in about 2 weeks!
  5. zackiedawg

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    Charlie just missed us - but that was a year to remember. Right after Charlie, we had Frances about a month later that hit us direct and took 4 days to pass by. Power out for 8 days. After 3 weeks of misery and clean up I decided to take a break to Disney - saw all the Charlie damage...while staying at Old Key West, got news that Hurricane Jeanne was headed for S. Florida - and had to cut my trip 1 day short and head back home to re-prepare the there in the afternoon, and Jeanne hit that night - lost power another 4 days. Then the following year we got Wilma, which did a lot more damage, and knocked power out for ANOTHER 8 about $40K damage to the house and grounds.

    I'm praying this stupid thing stays out at sea somehow. I don't like hurricanes with old lady names...they're never fun. Frances, Wilma, Jeanne, now Irma. And back in history, you have Betsy, Cindy, Camille, Agnes, Rita, Katrina, even Sandy. Yeah, I know they male names have made themselves known too with Andrew, Ike, Hugo, etc - but there's still something more ominous and spooky about storms with those older female names for many of us who live here in hurricane land!
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    Stay safe Justin!

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