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Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by Ariel2, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Ariel2

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    What do you do with all your stuff? Do you leave it with your stroller (if you have one) . Do you leave your bags outside on rides? Bring them on?
    Do you carry no bags?
  2. scratch

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    If you do leave anything with your stroller, make sure it's something that you are willing to part with.........never leave valuables, it may be Disney but that doesn't guarantee no thieves!

    I carry a small bag that can be slung across my front or a fanny pack. ; If you must put something away, they usually have a cubby that you can put your stuff in and pick up after the ride.
  3. amw

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    At WDW, you can take bags on all the rides ... even backpacks. You just need to take them off and put them at your feet. I only take a backpack if it's going to rain and I need to carry the raincoats. Otherwise, I prefer a sling purse because you don't need to take it off. As the years go, I carry less and less. It's all about the comfort. ; ;)

    I would leave diaper bags with the stroller - but as Scratch said - don't leave anything with the stroller you're not willing to lose.
  4. I usually carry a backpack with my camera and lenses and always take it on the rides. The only attraction that I have to do any kind of work to fit it on is Space Mountain.
  5. PolynesianMedic

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    I would have to agree with Sonny. ; I carry my camera bag which is a back pack on everything I go on. ; When we had a stroller, we would leave things on it that we didn't care to loose.
  6. Kali River you can even keep it dry in ride
  7. firelily99

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    Thanks to all who shared, all of my questions were answered. I will have a camera but I am planning on picking up a water proof model to be used on the day we do the water rides.

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