Automated locker rental coming to WDW

Discussion in 'Misc. Posting Board' started by Joanie Eddis-Koch, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    I saw that yesterday! SOOOOO glad I don't have to wait in line to return my key and get my $5 back!
  2. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Nice - though seems like the future of these would be even better if they could tie it to the MagicBand. For those guests who put charging privileges on the band, tapping the band right on the locker, paying and unlocking in one go, and using the same to open when done, would be fantastic. Still, not complaining - avoiding the line to buy and return the key is nice.
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