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Discussion in 'Photography 101' started by Kelly Grannell, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Another question for batch auto resize.

    I have about 2,000 pics from a Gujarati wedding ceremony that I want to resize to nothing larger than 800 x 600. Rather than doing it once by one in Photoshop, is there a free program that will be able to do this in a simple way? Even better if the program can allow me to use the pics in a DVD slideshow fashion.

    TIA for the answers.
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  2. joedisney

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    I think that you can run an automation in photoshop to do this, but I think you have to create an action to do it.
  3. I may be mistaken but I think with Photoshop I still have to do the vertical and horizontal pictures separately.
  4. joedisney

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    Yup, you would have to create a separate action for both, then run them through as two sets.
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  5. unfortunately that's still making it multiple steps

    1. I have to manually separate the verticals and the horizontals into two separate folders (which is cumbersome for the total of 2,000 shots)
    2. run action 1
    3. run action 2
    4. combine those folders into one (to retain the sequence)
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  6. gary

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    i can't speak to any other converters but i use breezebrowser and can batch convert and resize from raw at the same time, horizontal or vertical and direct to specific folder as conversion takes place, i don't know how long it would take, i know raw from 20d can take upwards of 73 seconds each, making a 2 gb card that's full more than a 1 hr process, but that's more than enough pics to work on at a time
  7. Tim

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    that's what i usually do... good thinking. the actions i created resize/save as/close so i can breeze through a lot of images very quickly. i've also assigned the resize buttons to the f2 and f3 keys so if i open a bunch at a time i can just hit the f-key for the image aspect and resize/save/close all with one press.
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