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    I think some of the bird photographers in the group might enjoy this:

    Back in July, 2015, my sister Diane took a trip to Alaska. She visited several locations in the southern part of the state while cruising on Yacht Alaska's M/V Northern Song.

    Northern Song

    Early this year she learned of an open berth on a cruise out of Sitka promising "Herring Spawn, Eagles, & Whales." Naturally, she jumped at the chance, mainly because she had to cancel her annual trip to the Dominican Republic to swim with humpback whales.

    When she arrived, she learned that most of the other passengers were either professional photographers or very advanced amateurs. One of them was wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen, who was profiled on CBS' 60 Minutes on May 6, 2018.

    The herring spawn was running behind schedule, so there weren't very many whales.

    Humpback Whales Bubblenet Feeding

    However, eagles were everywhere, so over the course of the nine-day cruise, millions of photos were taken using equipment that was probably worth millions of dollars. Diane used her Nikon P900 Superzoom to take a few hundred, some of which are pretty impressive.

    A gathering

    US Postal Service Logo (Right?)

    Time lapse. Not really.

    Low level knife edge

    Setting up for pick up

    Just after

    She wasn't too proud to ask the other photographers for tips and advice. It's easy to see how her technique improved over the course of the trip. You can see more photos from this and other trips in her Flickr albums.

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