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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by firelily99, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. firelily99

    firelily99 Member

    After a day of traveling with two teenagers, where can my husband I go for a QUIET dinner and perhaps some entertainment?
  2. lightslicer

    lightslicer Member

    are you wanting them simultaneously- if so then it probably wouldnt be a quiet dinner...;) Saana or Jikos are quiet....
  3. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    That depends on your definition of quiet. Most of the restaurants allow children, so they can get loud from time to time. If your definition of quiet mostly consists of being without the teenagers, many of the sit down restaurants will qualify.

    Coral Reef and Le Cellier are both usually pretty quiet. I haven't eaten there, but I imagine that Artist's Point quiet.

    Don't let the Whispering Canyon Cafe's name fool you, it is not quiet, but it is a great experience if you like to play along with the server and enjoy a little humor.

    There's lots of options for entertainment. Yeeha Bob puts on a great show at the River Roost Lounge at Port Orleans Riverside. It is an audience participation show and isn't very quiet, but it is really funny.
  4. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Generally, though almost no restaurants outright ban children and therefore noise is always possible, the higher the menu prices generally the quieter the atmosphere. As a solo adult traveler, or one who travels with other like-minded adults, my favorite dining locations include:
    Jiko, California Grill, Narcoosee's, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Le Cellier, San Angel Inn, Nine Dragons, and Turf Club. Other places I'll visit that have kids and families, but tend not to be as manic and crazy as the character and budget spots, include Kona Cafe, Grand Floridian Cafe, Teppan Edo, Hacienda de San Angel, and Brown Derby. A favorite of old was Coronado's Maya Grill, but it was utterly ruined a year or two ago, and went from high end unique latin/Mexican fusion steakhouse to generic family restaurant space. As for entertainment while eating, that's a tougher call - haven't really come upon one of those yet. We generally do dinners at a good restaurant, then go hit a cool spot for nighttime entertainment afterwards...rarely do we attempt to combine the two. Favorite night spots are French Quarter's blues/jazz club, House of Blues back patio, Raglan Road, Jelly Rolls, or just strolling Downtown or the parks.
  5. 00003

    00003 Member

    Dinner at your hotel room with only the two of you where you possess most of your privacy is very romantic and sexy. Spruce up your room a little more and have a sumptuous dinner, which you can just order. Being romantic is enough by itself to be entertained.
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  6. firelily99

    firelily99 Member

    Maybe we should send the kids out - they are old enough - and have a romantic dinner at the hotel! Great idea, I think my hubby will be happy for your suggestion! We actually may get two rooms when we are there - one for the kids and one for us.
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  7. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    If you aren't on the Dining Plan, bluezoo at The a Dolphin is excellent. Their apps, entrees, and desserts are amazing. It's very quiet there and not very many kids. They have great signature cocktails!
  8. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

    Jiko is my favorite. Followed by a quiet stroll around the hotel and the savannah.
  9. Virtualmgr

    Virtualmgr Member

    Wow, there's a restaurant called "Jiko"? What kind of food do they serve? Jiko is a Swahili word meaning "small cooker".
  10. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Yep - it's actually called 'Jiko: The Cooking Place' - and it has a display/open kitchen area where you can sit bar-style and watch them prepare the flatbreads, a huge S. African wine selection, and very good African-spiced foods - mostly meats, chicken, fish, etc with spices ranging from Moroccan to meats and good flatbreads, stews, and of course, Kenyan coffee. It's one of the pricier spots in Disney, as it's a high-end joint, but excellent food and wine and good atmosphere. It's a regular stop for me every time I'm up there.
  11. Dez97

    Dez97 Member

    For sure for sure, try the all-star resorts. They have some very nice rooms, and their restaurants will be great for a couples night away from the kids.

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