2011 candlelight processional

Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by gary, Dec 7, 2011.

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    so i flew in this afternoon, to 80 degrees and sunny, by the time i hit saratoga t 5pm, rain and a 20 degree temp drop, all of which knocked down the epcot crowd tonight, scored my first decent walk in to candlelight in 3 years, isabella rosellini as the narrator, followed by a walk in dinner at chefs de france and an uncrowded illuminations show, all in all a good night



    all photos this trip taken with the panasonic lumix g1, tonight wearing the panasonic vario 100-300, a lens i recently acquired so as to have the full range of vario lenses, this trip didn't start out as a photo intensive trip, but i figured i might as well give the g1 a real workout, to size up it's full range of capabilities, so far i'm pretty happy with this as a travel camera, it won't replace my 5dmk2 for disney/pixelmania stuff, but for a lightweight cruise/europe kit, it has real potential
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    I really like the colors it caught in the first one.
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    Those were going to be my words too! ; I like the second one as well.
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    Great luck Gary. We will be going Saturday. First time doing the Candlelight Dinning package.

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