2019 Non-Pixelmania WDW Trips

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by ExploringWDW, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Nancy AK

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    Dennis, thank you. My TA just told me it’ll be April/May before they start taking December reservations.
  2. ExploringWDW

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  3. ddindy

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    Yeah, I'll be there a few days after it opens. Nothing like spending your whole vacation standing in line...
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  4. zackiedawg

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    I finally locked in my two additional trips this year, in June and September. Actually, I might have waited a little longer on booking September, but the Star Wars announcement really scared me - I thought there might indeed be no chance whatsoever to get any kind of room I wanted - if any at all. But surprisingly, I was not only able to book a room, but even at my home resort, which walks into DHS.
    For June, I'll be headed to Boulder Ridge Villas on Friday, June 7th through June 10th.
    For September, I'm headed to Boardwalk Villas on September 13th through September 17th.

    I presume Food & Wine will be all September again as it was last year - that, plus the likely opening of Galaxy's Edge, the rumored opening of the Skyliner system which will be crowding my International Gateway (!!), and possibly the Riviera being open to check out, I'll have lots to consider doing. Despite not being a Star Wars fan, I still want to walk through and check out the new land...though I don't foresee any likelihood of wanting to spend 3-4 hours on line for any of the rides - I'll wait for things to cool down a little bit. I still haven't been on any Toy Story Land rides, just because the waits were so long!

    June is just the hot, sticky family trip - bringing mom for her annual visit...sleeping in and headed to parks late and at night to avoid the worst of the heat, and just relaxing and lounging around in the woodsy feel that at least somewhat reminds me of our annual summer Fort Wilderness Cabin stays. I hadn't stayed in Wilderness Lodge DVC for nearly a decade until last year when we stayed there instead of the cabins, and we really enjoyed being there in the summer...something about the mountainy, woodsy decor and strong AC made summer feel a little less nasty!
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  5. zackiedawg

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    I updated the original post, as it hadn't been updated in a while...I just removed the dates that are already past, and added my 'official' dates and locations which still had unknown dates.

    And that also helps bump up this post in case anyone else has any upcoming trips planned to add to the thread!
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  6. ExploringWDW

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    Can you undo what you deleted? Part of the reason I do this is to get an idea of when people tend to take their trips.
  7. jbwolffiv

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    And my September trip is now 9-28 thru 10-1. Thanks Justin!
  8. zackiedawg

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    No problem - I restored those deleted ones. Sorry about that! It just hadn't been updated in a while and I wanted to try to get it cleaned up - but didn't realize you keep the past history too.
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  9. ddindy

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    @zackiedawg My dates for September 2-7 are firm.
    For Pixelmania I'm at Pop Dec. 3-10 and Cabana Bay Dec. 10-14.
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  10. zackiedawg

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    Well, 4 more nights to count down for me...then back to DW. Going to be HOT. But hey, it was 96 degrees in my yard yesterday, so it's not like it's any cooler if I stay home.
    Looking forward to the Wilderness Lodge grounds too - somehow it feels a little cooler in hot weather when staying at Wilderness or in Fort Wilderness Campground - all the trees and the northwest stone buildings somehow fool my brain into feeling like it's only 95 degrees instead of 98 degrees. ;)

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